30 November 2012

Twins of Evil Tour - Birmingham 29/11/12

First off let me be clear about my metal credentials...or lack of. This is only my third ever gig, and my cinematographers (the wife) second (her first was 'Status Quo) so yeah, we are very much concert virgins.

After surviving the 12,000 strong heaving crowd, getting slowly stoned from their collective drug habits and covered in beer all I need now is for the ringing in my ears to subside to an acceptable level to function in polite society.

I'd read a lot of reviews regarding Marilyn Mansons performances on the tour thus far. Words like 'tired', 'flat' and 'disinterested' occurred with alarming regularity, yet I need not of feared. Whether he raised his game as he was performing in the hometown of Metal, or just felt like the impressive turnout deserved the Manson of old he was back to his menacing best.

While not as pitch perfect as he once was his blood curdling screech and contorted grimaces were back in abundance as he led the throngs through old favourites 'Disposable teens', 'The Love song', and his excellent cover of 'Sweet Dreams'. There was plenty of new material too including my new personal favourite 'No Reflection'. Highlight of the set was probably the snow drenched 'Coma White' (although the snow tasted more than a little funky).

Many of the crowd were saying that he was back to his best and on this showing I have to agree, hell even 'King Kill 33' got an airing. Sat straddling a cyberhellish podium and leering at the crowd, Manson may of lost a little of his shock but he still demands your attention and cavorts it with an untouchable style.

I only recently became a fan of Rob Zombies brand of US rock/metal but I was looking forward to seeing him live.

Although we were further back this time (due to a necessary water break) he did not disappoint.
With an army of cyborg carnival style puppets on stage and even his own personal war machine Rob rattled through his impressive back catalogue with an admittedly broken voice.

He engaged the crowd on several occasions before his 'Dragula' encore and there were solos from Ginger Fish and John 5 too. Which was nice.

The majority of the crowd was really there to see Manson and this showed as Zombie never quite got the crowd as pumped, through no fault of his own. I was disappointed there were no 'Captain Spalding' painted faces anywhere! I shouldn't of bottled it myself, I swear he'd of got me up on stage for being a total Boss!

On this showing Manson edged the show, his set was diverse and he was thoroughly engaging as he pranced and contorted his way through his sixty minute slot.

Note: I tried to add videos but blogger wasn't having any of it.

24 November 2012

An angry angry rant...

Fuck all this TOWIE bollucks.
Made in Chelsea? Do one back down South.
Who wants to sit in a juice bar talking hair products and tan lines?
Is that what we have become?
Are our aspirations now that perverted by capitalism that you live for the label?
Are you really only your first impression?

Fuck all that.

Anyone that judges me on first impressions can take a walk.

What happened to personality? To depth of character? Do we dispose these dickholes or idolise them?
Pretending the most important thing in life is image makes shutting out all the dark, nasty shit in this world a hell of a lot easier.

Maybe ignorance is bliss after all?

I would hate to see western society become a slave to the wage, sheparded from one expensive must have to the next...but we are already there, and I worry for future generations.

We need the trendsetters but we need the people that say no. The pioneers that say fuck all that shit and forge their own paths.

To any that will try, even if you fail you have my respect, and the respect of others who are sick of the "store bought" design for life that seems to be steadily becoming the norm.

8 November 2012

Are you made of metal?

Metal and I should not mix.

The soundtrack to my formative years consisted of mainly underground dance music. Pete Tongs weekly 'Essential Selection' became exactly that. The early days of my dj "career" were spent studying his playlists and keeping an ear out for hot up and comers. Underworld, The Orb and Leftfield were the groups I related to musically the most.

If you were to peruse my Ipod playlist these days you'll find the majority of my five star tracks are from artists such as Marilyn Manson, Rage against the Machine and Rob Zombie.

So why the dramatic change in taste?

Dance music represented a future where anything was possible, at least to these ears. A world that embraced technology and forward thinking bringing people together "under one groove". As I got older and saw my hopes and dreams crushed under the Jackboots of bureaucracy and tedium the frantic power-cords and ravaged vocals began to strike more of a tune with me.

Metal is all about telling the man and his bitches to go fuck themselves...and I can certainly relate to that a lot more than I used to.