28 April 2013

Previously in 2013...

I realise I have neglected this blog for a while now, so please accept my apologies while I recap on recent events...

The year that by all accounts should never of existed (according to those ill-informed Mayans anyhow) started with a whimper as I found myself out of work. Having spent the best part of seven years tied to a desk inhaling stale body odour and printer fumes, I feared for the future, and to a lesser extent I still do.

I find myself as a full time father, the job market and I yet to find any common ground. Trying though it is entertaining a toddler with little money and driving a beat up 13 year old Punto with one working wiper, this year could be the most challenging and yet rewarding thus far.

The time away from KPIs' has given me the chance to really throw myself into my writing, and after switching styles from Comedy to Horror I have had more than a little success!

The next few months see the publication of my work, and I am excited and proud in equal measure! I worry I will be unable to produce the kind of quality I have thus far, a welcome pressure but a pressure all the same. Writing sets my mind free and to be published was a dream. Now that It is reality I want to push on and develop further as an author. My motivation is simple, I wish to make my daughter proud.

One last word before I return to my latest work. I am to be part of a big announcement very very soon. Big at least to me anyway! For this may be the making of Dan Weatherer the writer, or merely another step towards where I wish to be. In any case, its a huge leap forwards, and as long as I am moving in the right direction...that can only be a good thing.


11 April 2013

Down and out?

The facts:

Lowest scorers out of the 96 league teams

Lowest point to games ratio this year

5 points banked this year...4 needed from next 6 games (at least).

No wingers, reluctance to play attacking midfielders, tactically devoid of ideas. Confidence on the pitch and the stands is shot.

Is Tone the man to break character, take a few chances and galvanise the entire club? Will he bring Pennant out of the wilderness? Will he play Charlie Adam in his best position and field two out and out strikers? Will he drop the dead wood? Will he give one of the greatest centre forwards this country has ever produced time playing to potentially keep us up and end his career on a high (albeit a low high!)

Will he balls.

Championship here we come.